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LEX Week

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LEX Week

UK SIS and the University of Kentucky Libraries partnered in the Spring of 2016 to offer a unique, local internship and experiential learning opportunity to our Library Science students called LEX Week. As with the Alternative Spring Break in D.C. program, students who are selected to participate in the LEX Week program spend the week working on a project in a specific area with a library professional as their mentor.

Spring 2016's LEX Week group was our first ever and included four students in the Library Science program. From left to right: Andy Johnson worked with Sarah Dorpinghuas, digital archivist at the UK Special Collections Research Center (UKSRC); Emily Elkind and Rachel Hugenberg worked in  Young Library's Reference Services Department with Peter Hesseldenz  and Head of Reference Services, Jen Bartlett; Ryan Dowell also worked in the UKSRC, specifically the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History with director Doug Boyd. Organizers of Spring 2016's LEX Week are: SIS lecturer Ashley DeWitt, UK Libraries Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research Stacey Greenwell, UK Libraries Special Collections Research Center Associate Dean Deirdre Scaggs, and Jen Bartlett.

"I was privileged to work in the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History with Doug Boyd, the Director of the Center. There I learned the general history of how Oral History developed and the history of the Louie B. Nunn Center's efforts to preserve oral history interviews. Luckily LEX Week coincided with the visit of Alessandro Portelli, a notable Italian scholar of Oral History who has done amazing work conducting interviews in Harlan County, KY and he spoke about his recent research on the globalization of folk music documented among immigrants to Italy today. It served as a great introduction for me to Oral History and Folk Studies...Overall I found LEX Week to be a very educational and fun experience and I recommend it to future students." Ryan Dowell

"LexWeek provided me with hands on experience in collection development. During this week, I worked to construct a list of items, which may become Spanish Language Browsing materials...Thank you to the School of Information Science, the Young Library Reference Staff, and the LexWeek Committee for giving me this excellent opportunity. I enjoyed getting to learn so many diverse parts of library service and collection development, and to meet so many wonderful people this past week." Rachel Hugenberg

"LEX Week 2016 allowed me to work in the UK Special Collections Research Center’s Digital Lab and provided me with exciting hands-on experience with several kinds of scanners and cameras (including a rare Betterlight large format camera), image editing programs, and forensic software for born-digital files. The Digital Lab staff reinforced and augmented my LIS coursework by instructing me in best practices, methods of quality control, ethical questions related to digital preservation, and workflow management of the Digital Lab and how its work fits within the SCRC and UK Libraries collectively...It was an honor to be a part of digitizing the collection and a joy to work with the Digital Lab staff." Andy Johnson

"During LEX Week, I worked on a collection development project that involved putting together a collection of best business books. It is important for the books to cover multiple areas of the field. I was also shown how to begin creating LibGuides, and I will receive further training on how to create good libguides this week. I really enjoyed the experience and would recommend it." Emily Elkind