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Ogilvy, Grand Central and Broadway- oh my!

Grehan Building

Ogilvy, Grand Central and Broadway- oh my!

In the staircase of Ogilvy. Every floor has a motivational saying painted on the wall. This was one of my favorites...another is "If you're trying to sell a fire extinguisher, start with fire" except it has graphics for the fire and extinguisher. 

The first Thursday of every month we get new graphics on our chalkboard. This month it was all about the's amazing how you know every detail of the client's logo after looking at it for so long. 


I visited Grand Central Station and it is beautiful. It's everything like what you see in the movies and I can see why people love it so much, especially if it's the first thing you see in the city. 

I decided to buy tickets to this all day eating festival. Vendors all around the Lower East Side opened up their restaurants to 100s of people trying to eat their way through the city all for the annual "Best Day of Your Life". One of my most expensive purchases but definitely worth it. 

My favorite was the Grey Lady (an oyster bar), very delicious.

I went to my first Broadway show and it was incredible!! I saw Les Miz and was at the edge of my seat the whole time. I have, obviously, seen it before but live it was riveting and the performers are amazing. I can't wait to see my next show! Hopefully Wicked, Matilda, or Aladdin!