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Dia Dhuit

Hey there, or “Dia Dhuit” as the Northen Irish who still actually speaks the native Ireland language Gaelic would say. I’m Breyia Grate-Capers, this me (the taller one of the two) in the picture to the left. I’m an Integrated Strategic Communication major currently studying 

Welcome to New York!

Hello there! I'm Chelsea St. Clair, and Integrated Strategic Communication major here in the College of Communication and Information. And, as promised, I am going to be sharing my intership experience at Ogilvy with you! In case you forgot, you can see the UKNow story here

Here I am getting ready to leave on this great adventure! 

Eat With Experience

Eat With Experience is a brand new networking event, developed by the College of Communication and Information to engage students with professionals in the communication field.  My name is Lizzie Baunach and I’m here to tell you all about the evening I spent with Jim Host, entrepreneur and founder of Host Communications.