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A Very Snapply Day- ISC Competition Team #3

Grehan Building

A Very Snapply Day- ISC Competition Team #3

I’m back with very exciting and incredible news. We won Districts! After all of the hard work and the sleepless nights, we ended up winning by a landslide. We won first place, which means we move on to the next stage of the competition! We all got a minute to talk to the judges and they told us that after seeing our presentation and reading our book that there really wasn’t any competition. They knew immediately that we had it in the bag, and there were still two groups after us. It was incredibly flattering, and they told us they think we could win first at nationals, so now we just have to get past regionals in May and get to California!

This semester has been difficult. I won’t lie; it’s been one of the hardest experiences of my college career. Not having a professor telling you what to do and having to completely trust 15 other people who you might not know very well is difficult. It’s hard to open yourself to that, but if everyone in the group can put down their egos for a minute to see the big picture, then you’ll be able to produce an amazing plans book.

We may have bickered, and we got defensive when our executions were cut from the book, but we ended up with a book and a presentation that left the judges speechless. That’s not an exaggeration either. After our presentation they said it was hard to think of questions for our Q & A portion because our presentation was so well constructed.

This team is what you make of it. You can choose to be difficult to work with and make this a tough experience, or you can trust your teammates and make this the best experience of your college career. No doubt, it will always be hard and there will always be rough patches, but the group dynamic has to work, and if even one person isn’t a team player the whole thing will get thrown off. It’s a balance of personalities and you have to learn to adapt to the group. It’s not always easy, but it’s so worth it.

Not only is this an incredible thing to put on your resume, but the real world experience is something that you won’t get in any other class. It’s a stressful experience, but it’s hands down the best possible.

As we move on to the regional competition and then hopefully nationals, I start to think about this team and what all 15 of them mean to me. We have our good and bad days, but there are always people there for you. There is always someone to help you network at events or someone to help you get the wording right for a paragraph about research. There’s someone to vent to, someone to share your good news with, someone to make jokes with when its 4 a.m. and you all just want to go to sleep.

Sixteen relative strangers walked into a room during the last days of first semester, and now we’re walking into regionals as friends, as teammates, as a family. Dr. Eckman and Adriane are at the head of this family and are the two people that pushed us the most. Their leadership styles are completely different, but they compliment one another perfectly and found a way to light a fire in us that kept us going when we wanted to give up.

What I’ve learned professionally on this team cannot be replaced. Just as important though, I learned so much about myself and how far I can go. I know where my limits are and I know where my professional career can go. I love this team and everyone on it more than is probably healthy, but they are what define my senior year. Sometimes it’s tough, but in the end it’s all worth it. I have an amazing group of individuals on my side that will support me through everything.

We aren’t done yet, so I won’t get emotional too soon, but I’m glad I still have a few weeks to work with these people. The idea that we might still have another two months together if we make it to nationals makes me even happier. I’m not quite ready for this to end.

Get ready UK, you might still have a national championship team under your belt this spring.