A committee to foster diversity and inclusivity within the College of Communication and Information was established in May 2010.

The committee works toward raising consciousness, comfort and competency in dealing with diversity/inclusion issues within the College. It also collects existing indicators for measuring progress and researches and discusses evaluation strategies for assessing the College’s progress in achieving greater diversity and inclusion.

CI is committed to promoting and protecting diversity among its students, faculty and staff. It recognizes the value and importance of working with diverse individuals and groups as manifested in the full spectrum of socioeconomic, intellectual and individual dimensions such as race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical abilities, political beliefs, and national or geographic origin. The college is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment and affirming climate in which everyone feels respected and included through its innovative curricula, research, scholarship, and creative activities.

More specifically, the committee makes efforts to 1) Establish a common understanding of diversity and inclusion that equips all members of the College to navigate effectively in a diverse world; 2) Promote curricular and co-curricular transformation that recognizes the educational advantages of diversity; and 3) Enhance College/campus/community collaborations in areas where opportunities exist to build diversity and increase inclusion.

The committee members are: Tae Baek, Shannon Oltmann, Megan Sizemore and Nathan Stevens. Dr. Oltmann (shannon.oltmann@uky.edu) is the current diversity officer for the College.

: May 5, 2018 (for fall semester expenditures)

The College Diversity Committee is once again seeking applications for diversity-related project proposals. Submissions are open to faculty and staff. Funds may also be used to support student organizations/activities promoting diversity within the college. We encourage collaborative, cross-unit projects promoting diversity and inclusion. One submission per applicant/group. 
Project Scope
We will consider funding projects that are:
·      related to the recruitment of members of under-presented groups (e.g., design brochures/documents that target these populations directly);
·      related to retention with a focus on those in underrepresented groups  (e.g., organize career development talk by inviting guest speakers from underrepresented groups);
·      related to the promotion of diversity awareness conversations (e.g., host potluck where everyone bring traditional food/music to share);
·      related to developing a new course or seminar to address a diversity issue.
 At this moment, we will NOT fund research projects.
Guidelines for proposal submission:
1. Abstract of proposed project (50-75 words)
2. Project plan: Specific aims, background and significance, and a section addressing how the proposed work will advance diversity and inclusivity within the College. Project plan should be no longer than 3 pages (12-point type, single space).
3. Detailed budget and budget justification. (In general, proposed budget should not exceed $2,000.)
4. A paragraph about applicant’s personal experience and interest with diversity. (e.g., previous experience/encounter with diversity programs/projects.)
 *Funded projects should be completed within the given semester. We request a final project report by February 1, 2015.
Please send your proposal to:  shannon.oltmann@uky.edu
[PDF]2010-2011 CI Report to the VP Office of Institutional Diversity at UK
[PDF] 2011-2012 CI Report to the VP Office of Institutional Diversity at UK
[PDF] 2012-2013 CI Report to the VP Office of Institutional Diversity at UK