Policies and Forms

This list is not all inclusive, but has the most common policies and forms you will need. Below you will find the following topics: Declare a Major; Request a Course Override; Petition the College for an Exception; Apply for Your Degree; Subscribe to Email ListServ; Probation, Suspension, Reinstatement; Post-Midterm Withdrawal From a Course; and FERPA Privacy Information.

Contact your advisor for additional help or information. University resources are also available.


Declare a Major

The Major Change Window is open November 20, 2019, to March 6, 2020.

Students may change majors during specific windows. Current UK students wishing to change to a College of Communication and Information major (COM, ICT, ISC, JOU, MAS) must first apply to the college. 

The College of Communication and Information admits students who are in good standing with the University of Kentucky and have a minimum 2.0 grade point average. See the CI section of the Current Bulletin for information about choosing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree.

Apply to the college.

Applications are only processed during the major change window.


Request a Course Override

Override requests are handled by the individual major. Summer and Fall 2020 override requests will be processed beginning April 20, 2020.

COM course overrides: go to  https://comm.uky.edu/override-request and complete the form. Your request will be reviewed by their undergraduate director, from whom you will receive a response. If the request is filed during priority registration, you may not be granted an override (if any) until late in the registration period.

ISC overrides: go to the ISC Override Form. The form does not generate an acknowledgment. It will be sent to the appropriate person for review.
JOU and MAS overrides: go to https://ci.uky.edu/jat/mas-forms. Select the form for the major in which the class you’re requesting is being taught. The form does not generate an acknowledgment. It will be sent to the appropriate person for review.

ICT and CIS course overrides: please go to http://go.uky.edu/SISwaitlist to make a request. Student Affairs will review your request and contact you with a decision. Please note that sending the form is not a guarantee of an override.



Apply for Your Degree

Students must APPLY for their degree for it to be awarded. The University has established the following deadlines:

            MAY degree: Apply by April 1

            AUG degree:  Apply by April 1

            DEC degree:  Apply by November 1

The application is available in the GPS Degree Audit in myUK. Click on the Graduation link on the left side and then the green Apply for graduation button.


Subscribe to Major Email Listserv

For all majors: using your UK email account, address your email to listserv@lsv.uky.edu.

In the body of the email, here’s what you would put as your message:





You will get an email back, asking you to confirm. Once you confirm, you will begin receiving emails directed to students in your major.

To unsubscribe from a listserv, send an email to listserv@lsv.uky.edu in the message body, type the appropriate message for the listerv to which you are subscribed:

Signoff ISC
Signoff JAT

Probation, Suspension, Reinstatement

University Senate Rules.


Post-Midterm (Late) Withdrawal from Course(s)

A student may petition for late withdrawal (after the semester deadline) from a course or courses if the student has “urgent, non-academic” and documentable reasons. Examples include serious illness or injury; serious financial difficulties; late diagnosis of a learning disability; serious personal or family crisis. See the advising staff in 9 Blazer Dining for a thorough explanation of the process, and to obtain written instructions, Instructor Feedback Forms, etc. These petitions for late withdrawal must be submitted BEFORE the last day of class for that semester.


FERPA & Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, as amended, is a federal law that protects the privacy and confidentiality of personally identifiable  information contained within student education records.