Name Degree Program Dissertation / Thesis Advisor Committee Members Graduation Year
Elizabeth Adams's picture
Elizabeth Adams Master's Managing multiple goals in opioid prescription communication: perspectives from trauma physicians Elisia Cohen Donald W. Helme 2017
Mariam Alabdali's picture
Mariam Alabdali Master's I Can't Believe My Instructor Did That?! Middle Eastern Students’ Expectations Of Instructors’ Verbal And Nonverbal Immediacy Be Brandi Frisby Kevin Real 2017
Corbin Bailey's picture
Corbin Bailey Master's Brandi Frisby Allison Scott Gordon, Anthony Limperos 2017
Denise Damron's picture
Denise Damron Doctorate Black women's perspectives on breast cancer detection messaging Kevin Real Alan D. Desantis, Phil Hutchison 2017
Christina Gentile Harris's picture
Christina Gentile Harris Doctorate A multiple goals theoretical approach to sexting: message design and scale development Brandi Frisby Allison Scott Gordon, Patric Spence 2017
Alexis Hadden's picture
Alexis Hadden Master's Brandi Frisby Kevin Real, Derek R. Lane 2017
Sarah Lueken's picture
Sarah Lueken Master's Shari Veil Kevin Real, H. Dan O'Hair 2017
Danielle Ray's picture
Danielle Ray Master's Donald W. Helme Matthew Savage, James K. Hertog 2017
Emma Richardson's picture
Emma Richardson Master's Allison Scott Gordon Matthew Savage, Derek R. Lane 2017
Benson Sexton's picture
Benson Sexton Doctorate Theses and Dissertations--Communication Exploring the Influence of Students' Perceptions of Instructional Message Content Releva Derek R. Lane H. Dan O'Hair, Brandi Frisby 2017
Brandee Terrell Kemper's picture
Brandee Terrell Kemper Master's Anthony Limperos Elisia Cohen 2017
Allison Thieneman's picture
Allison Thieneman Master's A beacon of hope: inoculating against relapse Kimberly Parker Bobi Ivanov, Tae Hyun Baek 2017
Kevin Wombacher's picture
Kevin Wombacher Doctorate Nancy Harrington Allison Scott Gordon, Donald W. Helme
Chelsea Woods's picture
Chelsea Woods Doctorate The Outsiders: Understanding How Activists Use Issues Management to Challenge Corporate Behavior Shari Veil Kevin Real, Phil Hutchison 2017
Jennifer Clay's picture
Jennifer Clay Master's Sticking to the Script:Sexual Scripts in the Slasher Sub-Genre Anthony Limperos Kyra Hunting 2016
Alfred Cotton's picture
Alfred Cotton Doctorate "Do Black Lives Matter in American Mainstream News Media?Two Case Studies of Police Involved Shootings of Black Men Explaining A Elisia Cohen Shari Veil, Derek R. Lane 2016
Rachel Dixon's picture
Rachel Dixon Master's Brandi Frisby 2016
Nigel Haarstad's picture
Nigel Haarstad Doctorate The idea model: designing earthquake early warning mssages using instructional risk communicaton Patric Spence 2016
Emina Herovic's picture
Emina Herovic Doctorate Challenges of communicating low probability & high consequence risks: recomm for earthquake pre-crisis & emergency-risk comm Chike Anyaegbunam 2016
Xialing Lin's picture
Xialing Lin Doctorate Social Media And Credibility Indicator: The Effects Of Bandwagon And Identity Cues Within Online Health And Risk Contexts Patric Spence 2016
Nicole Peritore's picture
Nicole Peritore Doctorate Communicating Social Support: Understanding Complexities of Breastfeeding Communication Among African American Mothers" Elisia Cohen Donald W. Helme, Allison Scott Gordon 2016
Austin Truffelli's picture
Austin Truffelli Master's Shari Veil James K. Hertog 2016
Sarah Vos's picture
Sarah Vos Doctorate Using social networking sites during public health crisis: theorizing the diffusion of effective messages H. Dan O'Hair, Elisia Cohen Nancy Harrington 2016
Morgan Wickline's picture
Morgan Wickline Doctorate Chaos Theory and Emergent Behavior: How Ephemeral Organizations Function as Strange Attractors through Information Communicati Patric Spence, Phil Hutchison 2016
Stephanie Winkler's picture
Stephanie Winkler Master's Protecting Online Privacy Sherali Zeadally Anthony Limperos, Zixue Tai 2016
Taylor Brashear's picture
Taylor Brashear Master's Transforming teachers: exploring changing perceptions thrugh participation in a professional development program Brandi Frisby 2015
Marjorie Buckner's picture
Marjorie Buckner Doctorate Parents' Expressed Educational Dissent in Middle School Education Systems Brandi Frisby Kevin Real 2015
Ivelin Denev's picture
Ivelin Denev Master's Sherali Zeadally Namjoo Choi, Michael Tsikerdekis 2015
Katelin (Joe) Fields-Elswick's picture
Katelin (Joe) Fields-Elswick Master's Derek R. Lane Donald W. Helme, Anthony Limperos 2015
Melissa Landon's picture
Melissa Landon Master's Phil Hutchison Derek R. Lane 2015
Paul Martin's picture
Paul Martin Master's Beth E. Barnes James K. Hertog 2015
Adam Parrish's picture
Adam Parrish Doctorate Investigating the Effects and Persuasive Mechanisms of Expository and Narrative HPV Vaccine Messages Nancy Harrington Nancy Harrington, Elisia Cohen, Donald W. Helme 2015
Jenna Reno's picture
Jenna Reno Doctorate College Students’ Use of Social Media to Communicate About Alcohol and Drinking Behaviors Elisia Cohen Matthew Savage, Donald W. Helme 2015
Heather Scott's picture
Heather Scott Master's Matthew Savage Derek R. Lane, Allison Scott Gordon 2015
Sara Shaunfield's picture
Sara Shaunfield Doctorate It's a Very Tricky Communication Situation A Comprehensive Investigation of End -of-Life Family Caregiver Communication Burden Kevin Real Elisia Cohen, Allison Scott Gordon 2015
Michael Strawser's picture
Michael Strawser Doctorate A Model Modality: Assessing the Educational Integrity of the Blended Basic Course Brandi Frisby, Chike Anyaegbunam 2015
David Wheeler's picture
David Wheeler Doctorate Student Press Law: Past, Present, and Future Richard Labunski Deborah S. Chung, Yung Soo Kim 2015
Robert Zuercher's picture
Robert Zuercher Doctorate Campaigning for Judicial Office, 2012 James K. Hertog Thomas R. Lindlof, Deborah S. Chung 2015
Molly Burchett's picture
Molly Burchett Master's 2014
Renee Kaufmann's picture
Rachael Record's picture
Rachael Record Doctorate Increasing Compliance with a Tobacco-Free Policy via a Campus Campaign Donald W. Helme Nancy Harrington, Matthew Savage 2014
Elizabeth Petrun's picture
Elizabeth Petrun Doctorate Theses and Dissertations--Communication Organizational Response to Perceptual Risk: Managing Substantial Response to Unsubstanti 2013
Benjamin Triana's picture
Benjamin Triana Doctorate From Grapes to Wine to Brands to Culture: A Qualitative Study of Kentucky Wineries and Kentucky Wine Producers Douglas A. Boyd Chike Anyaegbunam, Phil Hutchison, Thomas R. Lindlof