University of Kentucky Venture Challenge Proposal Guidelines

Each UK student team is required to submit a 3-5 page proposal for the judges prior to competition day.

Students, your proposal should include the following.

Executive Summary: Provide an overview that includes vision, mission, goals and objectives, history, strategy, and current status.

Product or Service: Describe the key features and benefits, current stage of development, further development required, and competitive advantages of the product or service. Include description of the intellectual property — has the venture secured a license to or has ownership of the intellectual property to protect the product or service, or intends to secure such.

Market Analysis: Describe the market opportunity including growth trends and key driving forces of the industry, key characteristics and needs of the consumer/end-user, competitive environment assessment, and market acceptance for the product or service.

Management Team / Operating Strategies: Provide backgrounds and roles of key individuals, history and ability to work as an effective team, personnel needs, and organizational structure. Address operating strategies including marketing, production, R&D, personnel, administrative, and financial strategies.

Profit Potential / Scalability / Risk Assessment:
Profit potential presents a realistic assessment of startup costs, breakeven point, and other general financial data. If the concept is non-profit, note social impact (lives saved, youth educated, healthcare benefits, etc.)

Scalability demonstrates how the product or service will spread to other consumers/end-users when market entry has been achieved.  

Risk assessment presents a realistic assessment of potential risks and how these would be addressed before launching the venture. Identify the major internal and external critical risks that could threaten the business and present viable contingency plans to address these issues.