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Kyra Hunting

Education Background: 
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.A. Michigan State University
B.A. Oberlin College
Specialty Areas: 
Children's Media
Kyra Hunting

Dr. Kyra Hunting received her Ph.D. in 2014 at the University of Wisconsin, Madison where she did her dissertation on ways in which television genre's formal elements impact the representation of minority groups in crime procedurals, medical, and teen dramas. She joined the Media Arts and Studies faculty in the Fall of 2014.
Dr. Hunting's current research projects include work on Twitter and celebrity activism as employed by the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, a study of gender in animated films, a study on the representation of education in kid's television, and work on how digital content delivery platforms intersects with cultural ideologies about gender. Her recent publications include a chapter on fandom themed fashion blogs in the anthology Cupcakes, Pinterest, and Ladyporn, an article on Disney Junior Appisodes and merged screen media in Spectator, and has a forthcoming chapter on how Orange Is the New Black combines attributes of the Women's Prison and Lesbian Family Drama genres. Dr. Hunting was a contributor to the media-blog Antenna Response to Media and Culture, has been a judge for the WAMM (Women and Minorities in Media Film Festival, and has served as an invited reviewer for various journals. 

Recent Publications

  • "All in the (Prison) Family: Genre Mixing and Queer Representations Behind Bars" in April Householder and Adrienne Trier-Bienek (eds.) Essays on Orange is the New Black. Forthcoming.
  • "Fashioning Feminine Fandom: Fashion Blogging and the Expression of Creative and Mediated Identity" in Elana Levine (ed.) Feeling Feminine: Popular CUlture for Women in the Early 21st Century. Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2015.
  • "Disney Jr. Appisodes and the "Merged Screen" Viewing Experience." Spectator. 34.2: Spring, 2014. "Musical Marriage: Glee and the Mash-Up Aesthetic," with Amanda McQueen. Quarterly Review of Film and Video, 31.4: 2014.
"In Focus: Furiously Franchised: Clueless, Convergence Culture and the Female-Focused Franchise."
  • Cinema Journal. 53.5: Spring 2014.
"Women Talk: Chick-Lit TV and the Dialogues of Feminism." Communication Review. 15.3: 2012.
  • "Queer as Folk and the Trouble with Slash." ( Transformative Works and Culture. 11: 2012. 

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