Master's in ICT FAQs


Applying: For information on applying to the degree program, see "How To Apply".

Any credits used to fulfill another degree cannot be applied to a future graduate degree. 

Yes—if you are not a current Kentucky resident. Current tuition rates can be found here.


Yes, the ICT master’s degree is offered primarily on campus with only a handful of courses to be made available online. Online classes may not be available each semester.


It's important to know whether or not your learning style is suited for online classes should you opt to take one during the degree program. We recommend taking this Self-Assessment for Distance Learners to help you determine your best option.


If you're applying for a fellowship, your three letters of recommendation must come from faculty members. If you are not applying for a fellowship, your letters can include faculty members, current employers, or former employers.

No. The recommendation can include the form, a letter, or both, at the writer's discretion.


There are a number of fellowships and scholarships available through the UK Graduate School. If you have questions regarding other types of financial aid, such as loan requirements or FAFSA deadlines, contact the University of Kentucky Office of Student Financial Aid.


UK HR has extensive job listings from all over the University.

Zoom is a video conferencing software. With a webcam, headphones and a mic, you can participate in conferences, classes and meetings virtually. For basic information on how to use it, see the UK ITS Zoom support page.