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Congress Bid Tournaments

Congress TOC Bid Tournaments 2021-22


Note - a best practices list will be posted in July that will be reviewed by the bid tournaments. 

Congress bid tournaments will fall into four tiers. The tiers are:

1 - Top 6

2 - Top 16 

3 - Top 60

4 - Top 120 

This new policy is designed to provide hard caps for previously ambiguous bid levels like "Finals", which could be anywhere from 12 students to 24 students. In the new system, the "Top 6" bid level remains unchanged. The Finals, Semifinals, and Quarterfinals bid levels are now capped. For example, a tournament that previously had a "Finals" bid would now have a "Top 16" bid; we anticipate those tournaments holding a 16 person final round. If the tournament chooses to hold a final round with a different number of competitors, the tournament director will need to decide how to determine the top 16 competitors at the tournament. 

NOTE to Congress Directors:

In 2019/2020, Congressional Debate TOC bids have changed from the traditional Top 6, Finals, Semifinals arrangement to a Top 6, Top 16, or Top 60 format.  This may require an adjustment to your tournament structure.  In order to ensure that bids are properly awarded, the Congressional Debate committee expects tournaments to have a clearly publicized set of transparent tiebreakers at your tournament.

If your semifinal or final round has more competitors than available bids, (i.e. 78 competitors in semifinals for 60 bids), you must clearly identify which competitors will earn the bids and which will not by applying your identified tiebreakers.

Automatic Qualifiers
Debaters who broke (semifinals or finals) at the previous season’s TOC
Final Session at the previous season’s National Speech & Debate Association National Tournament
Top Six at the previous season’s NCFL National Tournament

Tier 4
Harvard (MA)
Tier 3
Emory (GA)
Florida Blue Key (FL)
Glenbrooks (IL)
NSDA Nationals (previous season)
Sunvitational (FL)
Yale (CT)
Tier 2
Apple Valley (MN)
Arizona State (AZ)
Bronx Science (NY)
CSU Long Beach (CA)
Cypress Bay (FL)
Durham Academy (NC)
George Mason (VA)
James Logan (CA)
Katy Taylor(TX)
NCFL Nationals (previous season)
Nova Titan (FL)
Princeton (NJ)
Stanford (CA)
University of Texas (TX)
Tier 1
Cabot Classic (AR)
Bellaire (TX)
Berkeley (CA)
Bethel Park (PA)
Blake (MN)
Clear Lake (TX)
Dowling Catholic (IA)
Foley (WA)
Grapevine (TX)
Har-Ber (AR)
Illinois Congressional Debate Association Tournament (IL)
Isidore Newman (LA)
Kansas City Invitational (MO)
La Costa Canyon (CA)
Lindale (TX)
Millard North (NE)
Mountain View (AZ)
Mount Vernon (WA)
North Allegheny (PA)
Peninsula (CA)
Pennsbury (PA)
Plano West (TX)
Rose City (OR)
Saints Classic (MS)
Scottsdale Prep (AZ)
Seattle Academy (WA)
University of Kentucky (KY)
University of Pennsylvania (PA)
Villiger (PA)
Winston-Churchill (TX)