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Fees and Payment

School/Administrative fee:                   $75- 1 per school

Per Policy entry:                                     $165

Per Lincoln-Douglas entry:                   $140

Per Congress entry:                               $140

Per Public Forum entry:                        $165

Per Speech entry:                                   $100

Per Duo Entry                                          $140

Per Double Entry                                    $50

Per Triple Entry                                       $30

At-Large Application fee:                      $50*

Additional lunches per person not identified on tabroom:            $18**

TOC T-shirts                                            $15***

Each entry fee includes two lunches for all debaters on Saturday and Sunday, free bottled water and snacks throughout the tournament, and free, open admission to the Awards Ceremony of Champions on Sunday night (Speech) and Monday morning (Debate).

*the At-large application fee is applied to your entry fees if your application is accepted (for example, if you are applying for an at-large in Congress, you will pay $50 due with the at-large application, and if its accepted, your remaining entry fees would be $90)

**See meal information section for more information

Paying by Check-- Please make checks payable to “UK Debate Tournaments”.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash.  Mail checks to:


Tournament of Champions

c/o Linda Barker

225 Funkhouser Bldg.

Lexington, KY 40506-0054