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LD Bid Tournaments

Lincoln Douglas Debate Bid Tournaments 2021-22


Note - a best practices list will be posted in July that will be reviewed by the bid tournaments. 


Automatic Qualifier-
Octafinals at the previous season's TOC


Octafinal Qualifier
Apple Valley (MN)
Berkeley (CA)
Bronx Science (NY)
Emory (GA)
Glenbrooks (IL)
Greenhill (TX)
Harvard (MA)
Harvard-Westlake (CA)
St. Mark’s (TX)
Valley (IA)


Quarterfinals Qualifiers
Blake (MN)
College Prep (CA)
Florida Blue Key (FL)
Grapevine (TX)
Lexington (MA)
Loyola (CA)
Meadows (NV)
Peninsula (CA)
Presentation (CA)
Stanford (CA)
University of Texas (TX)
Yale (CT)


Semifinals Qualifiers
Alta (UT)
Durham Academy (NC)
Golden Desert (NV)
Holy Cross (LA)
Isidore Newman (LA)
Long Beach (CA)
Newark (NJ)
Notre Dame (CA)
Princeton (NJ)
Scarsdale (NY)
Strake Jesuit (TX)
University of Houston (TX)
University of Puget Sound (WA)
University of Southern California (CA)
Winston Churchill (TX)


Finals Qualifiers
Arizona State University (AZ)
Arthur School (LA)
Bethel Park (PA)
Colleyville Heritage (TX)
Columbia (NY)
Cypress Bay (FL)
Dowling Catholic (IA)
Duke (NC)
Heritage Hall (OK)
Kansas City Invitational (MO)
Lewis & Clark (OR)
Middleton (WI)
Millard North (NE)
Mullen High School (CO)
Myers Park (NC)
North Allegheny (PA)
Pennsbury (PA)
Ridge (NJ)
Seattle Academy (WA)
Sunvitational (FL)
University of Kentucky (KY)
University of Pennsylvania (PA)