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Prospective Students

Greetings from the University of Kentucky Debate Team

As you engage the process of making your decision about where to attend college, we wanted to share some information about Kentucky that might aid you in your effort. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

The University of Kentucky debate program participates in a variety of different debate formats and activities. From competitive tournaments to public debates and high school outreach, the team offers several different experiences.

All experience levels are welcome. From those who are interested in trying debate for the first time to experienced veterans, the program seeks to provide opportunity to all that want to learn from what the debate process can teach.

Important logistical information:

All interested recruits should fill out the following form: https://forms.gle/45KDmrVEmye9eub49. A UK Debate representative will reach out to set up an individual meeting or answer any specific questions you might have.

Apply to UK


Academic Scholarships – Scholarship awards will be offered pending early application and availability of funds. Completed admission application and all supporting documents, including qualifying test score and high school transcript, must be received by December 1. To apply for the competitive academic scholarships, students must complete the competitive academic scholarship section of the undergraduate admission application. Please visit UK's webpage for academic scholarship offered by the University


Merit Debate Scholarships-UK Debate has a limited number of merit scholarships to offer on a rolling basis. Once a student has applied and been accepted, the team will assist in the financial side of the process.

William C. Parker Diversity Scholarship: The University of Kentucky is pleased to encourage diverse students to apply for the Parker scholarship. For more information visit go.uky.edu/parker.

Honors program-The Honors Application is part of the UK Admissions Application, and part of the Common Application - you can use either to apply to the Honors Program. By completing the additional Honors essay included in the UK Admissions Application, or the Common Application, we will receive and review your application for admission to the Honors Program.

Bluegrass Debate Scholar – Our flagship scholarship is given to select students who have demonstrated both academic and debate excellence. Includes:
4-year annual scholarship in the amount of $20,000
Stipend for summer internship
5th year coaching stipend
Those wishing to be considered should fill out the recruitment form above