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Team Articles

Articles about the Current Team

Articles from the 50s
Articles from the 70s
Articles from the 80s
Articles from the 90s

Articles from the 50s

Little Nationals- Tulsa World

Articles from the 70s

1971 Debate Team Conquers Coast- Kentucky Kernal
1971 UK News
1971 Debaters to Compete
1971 News Release- Student Forum
1971 UK News
1971 UK Forensics Squad Takes Six Trophies- Leader
1971 News Release- College of A&S

1972 Two UK Debaters Qualify for Nationals- Courier Journal
1972 UK Debaters Qualify for National Meet- Herald Leader 
1972 UK Debaters Win Tourney- Herald Leader

1973 Memorandum

1974 Debate Winners
1974 'Boro Native Places in Debate
1974 Debating Champion

1975 Two UK Students Qualify for Debate- Kentucky Kernal

1976 Debaters Win Two Tourneys
1976 Super Team
1976 UK Debating Team's Success is not Debatable- Lexington Herald
1976 UK Can Brag on Debate Team- Lexington Herald

1977 Debaters Win Consistently- Kentucky Kernal
1977 UK Debate Team Prepares for National Debate Tournament- Kentucky Kernal
1977 Debater Skillman Named Top National Performer

1979 Debate Team Nearing National Championship- Kentucky Kernal

Articles from the 80s

1980 A Tough UK Debate Team
1980 A Tough UK Debate Team (Cover)
1980 It's Debatable- Kentucky Kernal

1981 Debate Director Awarded- CommuniK
1981 Who Gets the Coverage?- Kentucky Kernal
1981 UK Jeff Jones named Top Debater- Kentucky Kernal

1982 Those Winning Wildcats- CommuniK

1983 J.W. is a Friend to SGA, the Debate Team- Campus

1985 Debate Team Wins, goes to Georgia- Kentucky Kernal
1985 UK Debate Team Wins Invitational Tournament- Kentucky Kernal
1985 Debate Duo Takes First in Tourney- Kentucky Kernal
1985 UK Debate Team Wins Invitational Tournament

1986 College Students Gather for Debate Competition- Kentucky Kernal

1987 University's Top Debate Team Victorious at North Carolina

1988 Coaches say Bentson won Debate between Candidates

1989 Mather Completes First Year- Kentucky Kernal
1989 Debaters Take Gold at Tourney- Kentucky Kernal
1989 UK Debate Team makes Final Four in Nationals- Kentucky Kernal
1989 UK Debate Team among Best in the Nation- Kentucky Kernal

Articles from the 90s

1990 Arranged as an Avant-Garde
1990 Debaters Win Tourney during Holiday Break- Kentucky Kernal
1990 No Arguing Against it: UK Debaters Among Elite- Kentucky Kernal
1990 Debate Team falls short of First Place at Tournament- Kentucky Kernal

1991 UK's McKinney Top Debater in Dartmouth Tournament- Kentucky Kernal
1991 Two-time Debate Champ Ready to Move on- Kentucky Kernal
1991 UK Debater Earns Honor at National Tournament- Kentucky Kernal

1993 Debate Team Wins at Baylor
1993 Debaters Team Up Again for Tourney- Kentucky Kernal
1993 Debate Team Wins 'Run for the Roses'- Kentucky Kernal

1994 UK Debaters No. 1
1994 J.W. Patterson's Role in Success at UK is matter of little Debate

1995 Debaters Arguing for Top Spot- Kentucky Kernal