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The 2020-2025 Strategic Planning Process was completed in April of 2020.

For a look at how the full process was designed, implemented and executed, visit our 2020-2025 Strategic Planning Process page.

For a PDF version of the plan, click here.

Brand Promise

Shaping passions into professions.

Mission Statement

We launch critical and innovative thinkers, creators and doers. Come join us.

We Value

Collaboration. Find your team, combine your strengths, be the change.

Creativity. Think critically, push boundaries, produce greatness.

Curiosity. Ask questions, gather information, provide solutions.

Determination. Set your goals, stay focused, lead at any level.

Equity. Promote justice, celebrate difference, welcome all.

Excellence. Be outstanding, act with integrity, make an impact.

Kindness. Lead by example, champion others, serve your community.

Our Goals

Build Community within the College and beyond;

Converge and Collaborate across disciplines to leverage our breadth;

Empower and Transform members of our community to foster their success;

Excel through our intellectual leadership; and

Engage and Partner with our constituents and peers.

Our Strategy

Build Community: We are an inclusive community of lifelong learners.  We are devoted to encouraging, supporting and rewarding all who come through our doors.
  • Attract and retain a diverse faculty and staff who are committed to the community values of kindness, respect and integrity.
  • Attract, engage and retain curious and diverse learners committed to maintaining the integrity of our professions while advancing the scholarship of our disciplines.
  • Welcome all to our community as we champion equity, justice and inclusion.
  • Foster, encourage and support impactful professional and scholarly involvement among students, faculty, staff, alumni and the communication and information industries.
  • Recognize, reward, celebrate and communicate both student, faculty and staff achievements.
  • Build a visible and vibrant program that celebrates diversity, equity and inclusion.
Converge and Collaborate: We foster a vibrant learning community through working with a common vision, structure and resources. Together we seek to break down internal divisions, foster a healthy community, grow collaborative scholarship and build structures and processes that ensure efficiency and equity across the College.
  • Create a brand strategy that is exclusive and unique to the College where each expression of the strategy is purposeful, memorable and adds high value to every constituent.
  • Optimizing and co-locating where possible business, technology and academic support operations.
  • Investing in student support services to develop, maintain and sustain student success and career readiness.
  • Incentivizing collaboration for faculty and staff across the college.
  • Communicate information deliberately and efficiently through a set of channels designed to reach internal and external stakeholders.
Empower and Transform: We provide opportunities that foster work-ready global citizens prepared to lead, serve and continue to learn.
  • Offer programs at all levels to prepare students to engage the diverse forms of technology-driven communication and information services through innovative, integrated curricula.
  • Prepare resourceful students with the confidence and work-ready skills necessary to adapt to the evolving media landscape.
  • Equip our students, faculty and staff with the tools to be life-long learning.
  • Nurture and sustain a culture of vibrant, active externally funded research and creative activities.
  • Prepare students to face the future with courage and an ability to adapt to the evolving media and technology landscapes.
  • Expand student participation in scholarship and/or creative activities.
Excel: We are a world-class community of scholars and applied professionals, delivering transformational, high-quality, instruction, research and professional and creative activities.
  • Promote and develop curricular offerings that will be recognized nationally and internationally by students, parents and prospective employers.
  • Support quality research and creative activities that advance applied and theoretical knowledge which is recognized and disseminated to the professional and academic communities at national and international levels.
  • Invest in technology systems that can be shared across our community to facilitate cutting-edge research and creative work.
  • Provide focused support for highly productive students, faculty and staff as they strive to achieve external recognition at the highest levels.
Engage and Partner: As leaders in digital and emerging communication and information, we use our expertise in relationship-building to create and sustain mutually beneficial partnerships with our constituents.
  • Engage with professional partners to create mutually beneficial learning experiences with students, alumni and faculty.
  • Deepen relations with our alumni to foster mutually lifelong beneficial partnerships serving our academic, research and service missions.
  • Increase philanthropic support for scholarships, programs, research and facilities.

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