In Memoriam: Eva Jean Winkle

WINKLE, EVA JEAN, 45, formerly of Louisville, passed away, Saturday, November 16, 2013 in Covington, Georgia. This is from her obituary in the Courier-Journal: "Eva was a women with a unique perspective that she often shared with others. For many years she struggled with physical pain that progressed and limited her ability to sample life. Over the years she devoted limitless energy to understanding society, and viewed it with great empathy. Of children she had none, but a love for her dogs took that place in her heart. A place second only to her devotion to her parents, Patsy Jean Winkle, (deceased) and Vernon Winkle. A graduate student of the University of Kentucky and others, she was well educated. A freelance writer, she wrote news articles, stories, and worked on movie scripts in Hollywood."


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