August Anderson (ISC)

Peachtree City, Georgia

Photo August Anderson

Hi folks! My name is August Anderson and I am a second year CI Student Ambassador from Peachtree City, GA. In coming to UK three years ago, I chose Integrated Strategic Communications as my major for two main reasons:

1) I knew I was interested in both marketing and public relations and ISC gives me the opportunity to learn so much about both of these subjects and more;
2) Thanks to the Academic Common Market, I receive Kentucky's in-state tuition as an ISC student from my home state of Georgia, where they do not offer ISC (out-of-stater perks)!

I have never been happier with any decision than my one to become an ISC major, mostly because I know that I am so prepared for the "real world" when it comes time for me to start my career! Although I'm not sure what my future career is destined to be yet... I am sure that ISC has prepared me exceptionally well for any job in public relations that I may one day want.

In addition to my role as an ambassador for the College of Communication and Information, I also serve as the music chairman for my sorority on campus, Delta Delta Delta. Fun fact about me: I have been to China! I spent 3 weeks there during the summer after my freshman year and it remains today as perhaps the most influential and exciting trip I have ever taken... I would go back in a heartbeat!