CI Digital Scavenger Hunt






Purpose: To make students aware of many of our college offices.

Platforms: Social media and email – (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

Participant tools: Cell phone or wi-fi enabled camera

Promotion: Social media, listservs, Canvas, email (#DiscoverCI)

Campaign Dates: September 10-14 & September 17-21 & September 24-28 & October 1-5

Participant tasks:
Task 1, Sept. 10-14: Stop by the student advising office for a tasty treat (while they last) and take a selfie in the student organization room after pinning your hometown on the world map.

Task 2, Sept. 17-21: Take a selfie outside the office of one of the professors in your major.

Task 3, Sept. 24-28: Take a selfie in/near one of the following (depending on your major):
a. media check out space (JOU, pre-JOU, MAS, pre-MAS)
b. Sound proof room (MAS, pre-MAS, JOU, pre-JOU)
c. CI CoLab (ICT, pre-ICT)
d. office of Director of COM Undergraduate Studies or COM Department Chair (COM, pre-COM)
e. office of Director of ISC Undergraduate Studies or ISC Department Chair (ISC, pre-ISC)
f. Kentucky Kernel (Exploratory)

Task 4, Oct. 1-5: Take selfies incorporating CI in your photo any way you choose. Get creative! Top entries will be voted on by the public!

1) Open to all students in the College of Communication and Information. Faculty and Staff are also encouraged to participate, but will not be entered to win prizes.
2) Only one entry per student per week.
3) Pictures will be removed from social media and will be disqualified if they display inappropriate behavior or language.
4) All posts must be up for duration of contest and be posted on contestant’s main page of their social media account. No entries will count that are posted on contestant’s Instagram or Facebook stories.
5) All entries must contain #DiscoverCI and the UK College of Communication and Information social media page on the contestant’s chosen social media platform for entry must be tagged.

Facebook: University of Kentucky College of Communication and Information
Instagram: uk_ci
Twitter: @uk_ci
6) Students should be respectful of time and space when taking selfies with faculty and staff. If you can not reach the faculty member to get in the selfie, a selfie of you in front of their door/name plate will suffice.
7) Winners will be chosen weekly and all entries must be posted by midnight on Friday of each week.
8) Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges consisting of the CI advising staff.