CI December 2020 Graduation Celebration

CI December 2020 Graduates:

CI Students Graduating from UK College of Comm & Info on Vimeo.

Congratulations, Graduates! We are so proud of you!

Our faculty, staff and alumni want to wish you the best!

Scroll down for individual departmental/school congratulations videos!

Save the Dates:


CI Graduate Zoom Background

Be sure to download and install your 2020 Grad Zoom background so we can easily find your on Dec. 4 at the CI Zoom afterparty! 


Congratulations Graduates Zoom Background

Help show your support of our December 2020 grads with this Zoom backgroud for the CI Zoom afterparty! Download here.


Congratulations Department of Communication graduates!


Congratulations Department of Integrated Strategic Communication graduates!


Congratulations Graduate Program in Communication graduates!


Congratulations School of Information Science graduates!


Congratulations School of Journalism and Media Graduates!


Before you go, fill out an ALUMNI UPDATE FORM so we can keep in touch and you can keep up with the College of Communication and Information.