College of Communication and Information Faculty Council


The Faculty Council is the executive committee of the College Assembly. It will develop and recommend to the College Assembly policies and rules on academic requirements, curricula, academic and professional programs, service functions, advising, and evaluation of courses and teaching. It will review proposals for courses, curricula, and requirements and recommend action to the University Senate. It will report its actions to the Assembly as provided below. It may also represent the College Assembly on other appropriate matters.


The Faculty Council shall be composed of two Faculty members elected from the School of Journalism and Media, the Department of Communication, the Department of Integrated Strategic Communication, the School of Information Science and the Dean of the College of Communication and Information. Each member shall have one vote.


The faculty members elected to the CI Faculty Council for Academic Year 22-23 are as follows:

School of Information Science
Maria Cahill (2 year) Sean Burns (1 year)

School of Journalism and Media
David Stephenson (2 year) Deborah Chung (1 year)

Department of Communication
Jennifer Scarduzio (2 year) Marko Dragojevic ( 1 year)

Department of Integrated Strategic Communication
Alyssa Eckman (2 year) Adriane Grumbein (1 year)


Fall 2022 Meetings

September 2

October 7

November 4

December 2

Spring 2023 Meetings

January 6

February 3

March 3

April 7

* Dr. Brandi Frisby is the primary contact person in the Dean's office and can be reached at brandi.frisby[at]