Enid Waldhart Emergency Fund
Graduate Program in Communication
Freshman only: 
CJT - Graduate Program in Communication
This is not a scholarship fund. This is an emergency fund created to honor Dr. Waldhart. Dr. Waldhart retired from the Department of Communication in June 2007. This fund provides support to students currently enrolled in the Graduate Program in Communication to meet emergency needs. The student must hold or have held a teaching assistantship in the Department of Communication or a research assistantship under the direction of a Department of Communication faculty member. The student must express need to the selection committee and complete the application for a short-term loan to cover the emergency or unexpected expense. Those emergencies can include flights/trips home to be with family on death or after learning of a terminal health diagnosis of a family member, personal illness, or for any unexpected or unusual expense they incur while enrolled in the Graduate Program. If approved, the student must agree to complete the UK Short-term loan application and, if the loan is to be repaid, a UK short-term promissory note application. The recipients of the fund are determined by a selection committee.