International Affairs

Graduate of the college Bryan Kennedy during his study abroad time in MoroccoLife at UK goes far beyond the classroom setting. The College is fully engaged in the state, country, and world we serve. We continue to work towards increasing internationalization at the University through various programs and engagement intended to help our students better understand the global community.

Education Abroad
Education Abroad at UK offers students the opportunity to study almost any field, for most any duration of time, and almost anywhere in the world.  No matter the destination, duration or discipline, education abroad is the experience of a lifetime.  There are hundreds of programs to match every academic interest and every budget.  To find out more, please visit UK Education Abroad.

Courses offered by College faculty include a summer comparative media course, an advertising and public relations course in London during winter intersession, and a course on “Brits and Brands” in London and Dublin during winter intersession. Courses planned for the future include the advertising and public relations course in London, and a course on the sport of branding. In the summer of 2010, a journalism professor led a five-week program in Beirut. The Fares Foundation paid for the students’ costs. During summer 2011, the College planned a two-week course on Advertising and Branding in Shanghai, China. 

Information sessions are held for students in advance of each of the College faculty-led study abroad courses. Study abroad opportunities relevant to the College’s majors offered by other universities or organizations are publicized to students through listserv postings, as well. The College also works with a liaison adviser in the UK Education Abroad office to help students find opportunities to study abroad.

Faculty members have also taught non-UK students abroad. Their positions have included guest-lecturers at the Zambia Institute of Mass Communication (ZAMCOM), the School of Journalism and Telecommunications’ partner program in Zambia; the University of Botswana; Shanghai University; and Qingdao University. As part of the Transatlantic Media Fellows program, the School of Journalism and Telecommunications has hosted four visiting journalists for a week-long visit. Our guests have been from Germany, Greece, Great Britain, and Denmark. When guests are here during the academic year, they speak to relevant classes. Otherwise, the School coordinates visits with local media and other campus faculty members based on the journalist’s particular interests. 

International Research
Several faculty members are involved in international research. Dr. Doug Boyd (COM) is an expert on international broadcasting, particularly in the Middle East. Dr. Pam Cupp (COM) has worked extensively in health-related behavioral interventions in Africa and Asia. Dr. Seth Noar (COM) has conducted research related to HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa. Dr. Rebecca Miller (SIS) studies intercultural knowledge transfer. A number of faculty members from the School of Journalism and Telecommunications are part of an ongoing partnership in Zambia and Botswana to use journalism to reduce the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS in those countries and, as a result, encourage treatment and prevention. To date, Dr. Chike Anyaegbunam, Dr. Beth Barnes, Prof. Mel Coffee, Prof. Al Cross, and Dr. Alyssa Eckman have all made at least one (and in most cases, multiple) trips to Africa for the project. Prof. Kakie Urch is scheduled to join the group in Spring 2011. Another project in development involves collaborating with Shanghai University to offer a Chinese version of the Kentucky Conference on Health Communication in Shanghai. The program will include presentations by both U.S. and Chinese scholars.