Jackie Powell
Partner, Serif Group

Originally from Carlisle County in Western Kentucky, where she graduated from high school in 1993, Powell intended to study nursing in college. A lot of "Who's the Boss" re-runs—where the main character, an advertising executive, sets her own hours, employs her own mother, and sometimes takes her child to work—convinced Jackie that advertising was a more desirable way to make a living.

While studying at UK, Powell realized another dream, meeting her future husband, Bill, at a student Advertising Club meeting in 1994. While still a student at UK, Jackie held internships with LEX18 and a small advertising agency.  She accepted her first full-time job at the agency, after graduating with an advertising degree in 1997. That same year she and Bill were married.

On the job she showed determination and ingenuity, teaching herself HTML by reading a book under her desk and gaining confidence in her design skills as the sole graphic designer for the agency. She went on to become a graphic designer for Gray Construction, Lexington, where she gained insight into the client side of marketing.

Everything came together at just the right time, and the birth of Jackie and Bill's first son in 2000 spurred the birth of Serif Group, originally conducting business from their home. A few years later, a second son (2004) added to their joy, and the company grew along with their family, prompting a move to larger office space.

Jackie is actively involved with the board of Lighthouse Ministries, is a member of Southern Acres Christian Church, and volunteers at Seton Catholic School and New Life Day Center. She and her husband Bill were instrumental in establishing the Rick Roth Endowed Scholarship in the College.