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J. DAVID JOHNSON (PH.D., Michigan State University, 1978) is currently a Professor in the Department of Communication.  He has also held academic positions at the University of Wisconsin‑Milwaukee, Arizona State University, Michigan State University, and the State University of New York at Buffalo and was a media research analyst for the U. S. Information Agency.  He has been recognized as one of the most prolific scholars in the field of communication.  His publications have appeared in over 50 different journals, including:  Academy of Management Review, Communication Theory, Human Communication Research, Journal of Communication, Communication Research, Communication Monographs, and Social Networks.  He has also received grants from the National Cancer Institute, Michigan Department of Public Health, Michigan Department of Transportation, and National Association of Broadcasters. He has published eight books.  His major research interests focus on organizational communication structures, innovation, information seeking, and health communication.