Coronavirus -- Grad School Announcements

Dear Graduate Students:


The COVID-19 situation is evolving rapidly and I hope that all of your are taking the necessary precautions to protect yourselves and your loved ones. The Graduate School has offered guidance and I want to update you on our policies moving forward:

(1) All scheduled and future exams (as long as the university is requiring online instruction) will be moved to the “take home” format. I am advising faculty to not revise any questions or require anything extra from you to prepare for this. If you have in-person exams scheduled, please work with Laure and let her know your preferences for the take home format. The best strategy is to get one question a day (at 8AM) and return it back to Laure via email at 8AM the next day. Please work with your advisor to understand expectations and let me know if questions arise.

(2) All exam/thesis/dissertation meetings will be virtual. Please work with your advisor/committee to schedule the online meetings. These meetings should take place during the time that you’ve already had approved through the graduate school when you scheduled your exam. Please share the link to your zoom meeting with me so that I can jump on at the beginning to make sure that your committee is in tact and things are proceeding as they would face-to-face. 

(3) If you are in the midst of data collection for a thesis or dissertation and fear that you may not be able to complete your project due to the circumstances, reach out to your advisor immediately and get a game plan together to either modify your IRB or discuss other strategies. Faculty will work with students to complete theses, dissertations, independent studies, directed readings, and so on. Faculty have been instructed to be as understanding as possible while simultaneously upholding the standards of the program/graduate school.

(4) If problems arise or you have direct questions about anything (degree planning, graduation, processes, procedures), please communicate with me or Laure as soon as possible. We are here to serve you in any way that we can during this challenging time. 

(5) For teaching needs, please continue to contact your unit heads/course directors/and other support faculty. 

Please take care and let me (and Laure) know if you have any questions or concerns moving forward.