Health Communication Certificate

During the last 15 years the Graduate Faculty in Communication have obtained more than $30 million in federal grants in health communication, the doctoral Program has been ranked 6th in the country in health communication (applied communication) by the National Communication Association and four of our graduate students have been awarded prestigious National Cancer Institute internships. At least one-third of our Graduate Faculty Members are actively involved in health communication research.

The Certificate Program is aimed primarily at individuals interested in developing specialized knowledge and research expertise in health communication that can be applied within both academic and non-academic settings.  Students are expected to have a background in social or behavioral science prior to entering the program.


CI 671 Proseminar in Health Communication 3 credits
CI 771 Seminar in Health Communication 3 credits
CI 775 Seminar in Health Communication Campaigns 3 credits
Elective (choose one of the following): 3 credits
  CI 780 Special Topics in Communication  
  CI 790 Research Problems in Communication  
  Graduate-level course in Medical Informatics   
TOTAL 12 credits

For more information, please visit or contact the Certificate Director, Dr. Anthony Limperos at anthony [dot] limperosatuky [dot] edu

 or (859) 323-6796 or GradCommatuky [dot] edu

 or (859) 218-3613.

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