Health Communication

University of Kentucky College of Communication and Information faculty and students promote inquiry into the field of health communication. Our faculty members engage in a wide range of health communication research, including patient-provider and healthcare team communication, classroom- and community-based interventions, and health promotion/disease prevention campaigns. We host the biennial Kentucky Conference on Health Communication. Our Health Communication Research Collaborative provides faculty and graduate students research opportunities and formal support networks across the university for health communication scholarship, education, and service. During the last 15 years, the graduate faculty have obtained more than $30 million in federal grants in health communication, the doctoral program has been ranked 6th in the country in health communication (applied communication) by the National Communication Association, and the National Research Council’s 2010 report ranks our program as high as 7th among 83 communication doctoral programs in the nation.

Suggested Coursework

CI 671 Proseminar in Health Communication 3 credits
CI 771 Seminar in Health Communication 3 credits
CI 775 Seminar in Health Communication Campaigns 3 credits
CI 780 Special Topics in Communication 3 credits
CI 790 Research Problems in Communication 3 credits
Graduate-level course in Medical Informatics  3 credits

Students interested in Health Communication may also consider the Graduate Certificate in Health Communication. For more information, please visit or contact the Program Director, Dr. Bobi Ivanov at bobi [dot] ivanovatuky [dot] edu

 or (859) 257-9467 or GradCommatuky [dot] edu

 or (859) 218-3613.