Strategic and Organizational Communication

Our Ph.D. and M.A. coursework prepares students for teaching, research, and practice in communication management, consulting, public relations, advertising, sales, human resources, operations management, conflict resolution, and crisis communication.

For graduate students in the College of Communication and Information, a national alumni and community advisory board is willing to help students procure internships and industry connections. Faculty members mentor students in research and instructional opportunities in students’ disciplinary areas of interest.

Students enrolled in the Ph.D. and M.A. Programs in Communication can take coursework to meet the following learning outcomes for the specialization:

  • Students will be able to plan and implement multichannel strategic communication to internal and external stakeholders
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to collect and analyze data from multiple sources to develop organizational and strategic plans.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to use appropriate technologies to communication with internal and external audiences.

Suggested Coursework

CI 610 Participatory Communication 3 credits
CI 625 Proseminar in Organizational Communication 3 credits
CI 682 Communication and Persuasion 3 credits
CI 721 Risk Communication 3 credits
CI 722 Crisis Communication 3 credits
CI 723 Training and Consulting 3 credits
CI 725 Advanced Topics in Organizational Communication 3 credits
CI 726 Communication Leadership Studies 3 credits
CI 765 Advance Methods: Social Network Analysis 3 credits
CI 780 Special Topics: Strategic Communication and Consumer Behavior 3 credits
CI 780 Special Topics: Social Marketing Communication 3 credits
CI 780: Special Topics: Social Media 3 credits
ISC 543 Regulation and Social Issues 3 credits



 For more information, please visit or contact the Program Director, Dr. Bobi Ivanov at bobi [dot] ivanovatuky [dot] edu

 or (859) 257-9467 or GradCommatuky [dot] edu

 or (859) 218-3613.