Bernie Vonderheide Scholarship in Public Relations

This fund was established in 2005 to honor Bernie Vonderheide. Bernie Vonderheide spent 23 years of his public relations career speaking on behalf of the University of Kentucky. He received the 2005 Kentucky Excellence in Public Relations Award and the CI Friend of the College Award in 2010.

The scholarship is open to students who demonstrate an interest in public relations as a career and have reporting experience either on or off campus.

A 500-word essay is required. The essay should cover this topic, "Public relations professionals play a vital role in representing government programs and activities to the news media. At the same time, PR professionals also can help government officials understand the critical role journalists play in a democracy, and how they go about fulfilling that role. Please describe the specific role you believe a public relations professional in government should take in helping officials and journalists interact in a meaningful way, and how this helps both serve the public interest."


Level: Undergraduate

Major: ISC

Application Requirements: cover letter, resume, application, essay