Lexington Community Radio

Name: Lexington Community Radio

Contact Number: (859) 721-5688     

Address: 123 East 6th Street  LEX KY  40508

Supervisor: Mary Clark

Supervisor Position: Program Director

Supervisor Email: marycelesteclark@gmail.com

Web Address: http://lexingtoncommunityradio.org

Description: "In 2000, Congress and the FCC inaugurated a new designation called Low Power FM, for non-commercial and non-profit radio. The LPFM designation fosters diversity on the public airwaves, redistributing attention away from national commercial conglomerates. LCR is designated LPFM. We share that initiative’s values. Community Radio is more than a medium. It’s a shared set of values, a desire to bring the airwaves to ALL people."

Lexington Community Radio (LCR) is seeking energetic students who seek real-world experience in audio production, broadcasting, etc.

1. On-Air Programming: Intern will create an hour of original programming, weekly, for WLXU 93.9FM in English or for El Pulso Latino 95.7FM in Spanish. (Recommended for Journalism and Media Arts students)

2. News Programming: Intern will produce daily news programming, including international, national, and, most importantly, hyper-local. News will emphasize Lexington-specific neighborhood information, interviews with local voices, and promotion of events/program/stories that increase awareness, encourage public-wellness by nature, and tell the story of our city. (Recommended for Journalism students) Email Kakie Urch at kakieurch@gmail.com.

3. Show Engineers: Operate studio production board during live on-air programs with new and current DJs. (Recommended for Media Arts students) Email Mary Clark at marycelesteclark@gmail.com

4. Spanish Translation: Intern will help with translating of station materials, including (but not limited to) Website, PSAs, underwriting commercials, training documents, & promotional materials. (Recommended for Spanish majors) Email Mary Clark at marycelesteclark@gmail.com

5. Audio/PSA Production: Interns will aid in the recording and post-production of our weekly live shows, using the program, Audacity. (Recommended for Communication, Journalism, and Media Arts students) Email Mary Clark at marycelesteclark@gmail.com

6. Social Media Management: Manage LCR's Facebook pages (Lexington Community Radio & El Pulso 95.7FM), our two Twitter pages, and our Instagram page with timely local information to reach new producers, hosts, and listeners.  (Recommended for ISC, Journalism, Communication, and Media Arts students) Email Mary Clark at marycelesteclark@gmail.com

Core Tasks: Write/produce public service announcements; Manage social media platforms; Help plan and promote fundraising efforts.