Education Background: 
B.S. 2005, Abilene Christian University
M.S. 2010, University of Kansas
Ph.D. 2014 University of Florida
Specialty Areas: 
Visual Communication
Brand Personality
Graphic Design
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Adriane Grumbein joined the Integrated Strategic Communication faculty in Fall 2014 as an assistant professor. She holds a Ph.D. in mass communication from the University of Florida, a M.S. in strategic communication from the University of Kansas and a B.S. in Integrated Strategic Communication (with a minor in Graphic Design) from Abilene Christian University. Before returning to pursue a graduate degree, she worked for several years as the marketing coordinator and designer at a software company.


Adriane loves teaching, and she strongly believes that every individual is creative. If you try to tell her you are not creative, she will make you yell, "I AM CREATIVE" as loud as you can. Adriane teaches a variety of creative and visual courses at the University of Kentucky, including Advertising Creative Strategy & Execution I (ISC 331), Advertising Creative Strategy & Execution II (ISC 431), Direct Response Message Strategies (ISC 461), ISC Campaigns (ISC 491) and Graphic Design for ISC (ISC 497). She expects a lot from her students, but they always deliver, producing some truly incredible work. Around the department, some of Adriane's students call her Dr. Dre (long story). Consequently, she is now on a mission to provide cool, rapper nicknames to the rest of the ISC faculty. 


Adriane's research employs a mixed-method approach to examine advertising images' ability to transfer and manipulate brand personality using a brand scale based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). She is also involved with an interdisciplinary team examining educational messages on children's television with a particular focus on STEM vs Non-STEM subjects. Adriane's research interests also include visual communication, branding, advertising, online aesthetics and the intersection of research with teaching and industry.

Recent Publications

Hunting, K., Grumbein, A. & Cahill, M. (2017). Watch and learn: Gendered discrepancies in educational messages on television channels targeted at boys vs. girls. Mass Communication and Society. Online first, September 2017.

Grumbein, A. & Goodman, J.R. (2015). Pretty as a website: Examining aesthetics on nonsurgical cosmetic procedure websites. Visual Communication Journal, 14(4), 485-523.

Grumbein, A. (2013). Brand Who? Teaching students the value of brand personality. Journal of Advertising Education, 17(2), 43-50.

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