A lifelong Kentuckian, Cheryl Edwards grew up as a military "brat", splitting her time between the Ft. Knox area and Germany. She attended Watterson College and Sullivan College, both in Louisville.

She worked in the Hardin County Clerk's Office/Motor Vehicle Registration Office for over 15 years. After moving to Lexington in 2001, she began working for the University of Kentucky and has worked at UK for over 16 years. She enjoys her job and all of the paperwork and regulations that it entails.

She has a dog named Snickers that she loves to death! Snickers is her baby. She loves to travel, read and has the unusual hobby of entering sweepstakes and contests. She won a Jeep Wrangler 17 years ago and still drives it to this day. She just loves it!

103 Blazer Dining Hall



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