Education Background: 
Ph.D., Media and Information Studies, Michigan State University, 2018
M.A., Advertising, Michigan State University, 2013
B.A., TV & Broadcast Journalism, China Youth University for Political Sciences, 2011
Specialty Areas: 
Consumer psychology
Persuasion knowledge
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Credibility and trust
Mixed-method research
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Dr. Mengtian (Montina) Jiang (Ph.D., Michigan State University) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Integrated Strategic Communication, University of Kentucky. Her research focuses on exploring consumer responses to digital persuasive messages with a mixed-method approach. Her research has been conducted in various contexts, including electronic banking safety, celebrity endorsement, electronic word of mouth, native advertising and influencer marketing. Her recent research explores how individuals interpret and respond to sponsored social media posts with the FTC-required disclosure. Her work has been presented at several national and international academic conferences and published in multiple peer-reviewed journals and books, such as Journal of Interactive Advertising, Computers & Security and Educational Gerontology.

Recent Publications

Jiang, M., McKay, B., Richards, J. I., & Snyder, W. (2017). Now You See Me, But You Don't Know: Consumer Processing of Native Advertisements in Online News Sites. Journal of Interactive Advertising, 17(2). doi: 10.1080/15252019.2017.1399839.

Jiang, M., Tsai, H.S., Cotten, S.R., Rifon, N.J., Alhabash, S. & LaRose, R. (2016). Generational Differences in Online Safety Perceptions and Practices. Educational Gerontology, 42(9), 621-634. doi:10.1080/03601277.2016.1205408.

Tsai, H. S., Jiang, M., Alhabash, S., LaRose, R., Rifon, N. J., & Cotten, S. R. (2016). Understanding online safety behaviors: A protection motivation theory perspective. Computers & Security, 59, 138-150. doi: 10.1016/j.cose.2016.02.009.

Alhabash, S., Jiang, M., Brooks, B., Rifon, N.J., LaRose, R., & Cotten, S.R. (2015), Online Banking for the Ages: Generational Differences in Institutional and System Trust, in L. Robinson , S.R. Cotten, J. Schulz, T.M. Hale, A. Williams (Eds.) Studies in Media and Communications, Volume 10: Communication and Information Technologies Annual (pp.145 – 171). Emerald Group Publishing Limited. doi: 10.1108/S2050-206020150000010006.

Rifon, N. J., Jiang, M., & Kim, S-K. (2015). Don’t Hate me Because I am Beautiful: Identifying the Relative Influence of Celebrity Attractiveness and Character Traits on Credibility. In P. Verlegh, H. Voorveld, M. Eisend (Eds.) Advances in Advertising Research, Vol. VI: The Digital, The Classic, The Subtle and The Alternative (pp.125-134). doi: 10.1007/978-3-658-10558-7_11.

LaRose, R., Alhabash, S., Jiang, M., Shillair, R., Tsai, H. S., Cotten, S.R., & Rifon, N.J. (2015). Communicating Online Safety: Protecting Our Good Life on the Net. In H. Wang (Ed.), Communication and "the good life" (International Communication Association Theme Book Series, Vol. 2) (pp.161-180). New York: Peter Lang. doi: 10.3726/978-1-4539-1539-4.

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