Education Background: 
B.A. 1979, Drake University
M.S. 1988, University of Utah
Ph.D. 2005, University of Utah
Specialty Areas: 
Media History
Public Relations
Communication Theory
Qualitative Communication Research Methods
Media and Sport, Local Entertainment Television History
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Phillip J. Hutchison is an Associate Professor in the Department of Integrated Strategic Communication at the University of Kentucky. He received his Ph.D. in communication from The University of Utah. His research emphasizes cultural approaches to media history, and his work has been published in scholarly journals including American Journalism, the Historical Journal of Film Radio and Television, the Journal of Sports Media, Critical Studies in Media Communication, The Journal of Popular Culture, the Journal of Popular Film and Television, and Journalism History. His research has addressed the social impact of early local television; journalistic coverage of historic weather and environmental issues; and the relationship among race, sports, and journalism.

Recent Publications

Hutchison, P. (2016). Language and creativity: The leadership quandary (and opportunity?).  Journal of Leadership Studies, 10(1), 42-53.

Hutchison, P. J. (2015). Virtual Mayberry: Ritual, technology, and an imagined community. Journal of Popular Film and Television, 43(4), 158-170.

Hutchison, P. J. (2016). The legend of Texas Western: Journalism and the epic sports spectacle that wasn’t. Critical Studies in Media Communication. doi: 10.1080/15295036.2016.1170173

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