Education Background: 
M.A. 2013, Campbell University, Communication: Public Relations, and Broadcast & Electronic Media
M.S. 2016, Illinois State University, Communication: Intercultural Communication
Specialty Areas: 
Media Ethics of ISC Professionals
Public Relations
Intercultural and Intergroup Communication
Language Attitudes and Ideologies
Strategic Communication and Research Methods
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Sean Goatley-Soan is a second-year Ph.D. student and Instructor of Strategic Communication (ISC) at the University of Kentucky. He has primarily taught courses in ISC research methods (ISC 321), Media Ethics (ISC 311), and several courses in Human Communication (e.g., Intercultural & Interpersonal Communication (COM252)). His research interests focus on how language variation (e.g., accent/dialect) influences intergroup, organizational, intercultural, and strategic communication. His most recent publication appears in the Journal of Language and Social Psychology.
Outside of academia, Sean likes to surf and spend time on the beach, however, this is a most difficult challenge to accomplish in Kentucky. So, in turn, he likes to work out, read books, golf, and travel/road trip somewhere new whenever possible. 

Recent Publications

Goatley-Soan, S., & Baldwin, J. R. (2018). Words Apart: A Study of Attitudes Towards Varieties of South African Accents in a United States Employment Scenario. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 37(6), 692-705. doi:10.1177/0261927x18800129

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