ISC Curriculum

This section includes information on pre-major requirements, degree requirements, paths, and a listing of courses offered by the ISC program.

To see a list of course offerings for the current semester, visit the Office of the Registrar's Schedule of Classes.

Registration for classes is performed online through MyUK.

List of ISC Courses (PDF): A list of courses offered at the School. Not all courses are offered each semester, so students need to plan their schedules accordingly.


Account Management

The Account Management path deals with the planning and implementation of integrated communication. Account management students will learn how to analyze business objectives and communications alternatives within a company through case studies drawn from existing industry situations. Account management students will also cover the basics of budgeting, measuring research effectiveness, and managing the client—firm relationship. Lastly, account management students will cover the strategic use of the media in integrated promotional campaigns.


The Creative path deals with crafting the persuasive message. Students will learn how to transform their ideas into effective words and images which inform and persuade. The emphasis is on a disciplined, strategic approach in creative decision-making across all media types. Students will cover the basics of setting objectives, writing body copy, design principles, layout and storyboarding, and regulations that affect advertising messages. Lastly, creative students will learn strong presentation skills and how to prepare a portfolio for after-graduation success.

Direct Response

The Direct Response path deals with the practice of narrowing the intended audience into a selected few (the target audience) in which strategic marketing techniques allow for direct contact between the company and the consumer. Direct marketing students will learn the basics of database marketing, strategic business planning, fundraising, mailing lists, print and electronic media, telemarketing, mobile apps and social media. The main focus will consist of integrating the direct marketing aspect of communication into the overall marketing mix.

Public Relations

The Public Relations path deals with the basic concepts of public relations, including its theory and practice, professional history, function in organizations, and role in society. Students will learn how to write position papers, speeches, brochures, media releases, and newsletters. PR students also learn how to apply the principles obtained in actual case studies where the student will be expected to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in written and oral communication skills.

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