Jiang’s Strategic PR Class Takes UK Solar Car Team as Client

Integrated Strategic Communication (ISC) students in Assistant Professor Mengtian (Montina) Jiang’s 341 Strategic Public Relations class are excited to be working with their client, Christopher Wheatley, business lead of the UK Solar Car Team, for the fall semester. Their focus will be developing strategies for recruiting non-engineering students and fundraising for the team’s seventh vehicle, the Gato del Sol VII.
On Tuesday, September 10th, Jiang’s students took a field trip to UK Solar Car Team garage for a client meeting with Wheatley and to see the Gato del Sol VI, which placed third this July in the Formula Sun Grand Prix held in Austin, Texas.
By working with the UK Solar Car Team, Jiang’s students gain hands-on experience applying the concepts from their course into a service-learning project. The opportunity to work with an actual client provides students real-world practice, and the UK Solar Car Team will in turn be able to use the strategies created by ISC students to further their mission.
If you'd like to learn more about the UK Solar Car Team, please visit https://w2.engr.uky.edu/solarcar/.
To learn more about what you can do with a degree in ISC, visit https://www.uky.edu/academics/bachelors/integrated-strategic-communication-isc