ISC Internship Assignments

Congratulations on becoming a ISC intern! There are a number of mandatory assignments. Students will not receive a grade for ISC 399 until they are completed.

- Meet with your faculty supervisor
- Keep daily notes and report weekly to your faculty supervisor
- Write a two-page midterm report
- Write a two-page final report
- Submit copies of work you created
- Submit copies of thank-you letters written to on-site supervisors
- Ensure your on-site supervisor completes a final evaluation

INITIAL MEETING: During the first week of your internship, you MUST meet with your internship supervisor. This may be when you submit your contract.

Daily Notes/Weekly Report
Students will check with their faculty internship supervisor and agree on a system to make and record notes after every day they spend working on the internship. Once a week, they will e-mail their faculty internship supervisor a summary of their activities for the week and what they learned.

- ISC majors email Scott Whitlow:

- The weekly email must include a subject line. Ask your faculty supervisor what s/he prefers.

- The email should include the name of the place where you are interning; the number of hours worked that week and the total hours worked to date. That information should be followed by a paragraph summarizing what you did that week. Do not send it as an attachment. The update should be in the body of the email.

Students should keep daily notes of what they do so they will be able to discuss their activities in detail with their faculty internship supervisor as the semester progresses. The internship director may look at the daily notes to monitor the student's internship experience, but students should not submit their notes to the internship director unless asked.

Mid-Semester Report
Halfway through the semester (after an intern has completed approximately 75 hours), students will present a detailed written report to the faculty internship supervisor. Ask your faculty internship supervisor as to whether this should be by hard copy or by an email attachment.

The mid-semester report will discuss the duties the intern has undertaken, whether the student feels he or she is learning from the activities, and whether the student is making progress toward completing the goals outlined in the internship contract.

Copies of any work the student has created should be included in the report.

If there are problems with the internship the student should note them so they can be corrected to make the second half of the internship more productive. This report should include information about the student's impression of the working environment where the internship is being completed.

End-of-Semester Report
This report, which will be due before the end of the last week of classes, will summarize the activities the student has undertaken during the internship with specific reference to what the student did, what the student learned, how the internship has affected the student's interest in a career in the field and what it was like to work at the internship site. Ask your faculty internship supervisor whether to submit a hard copy or e-mail attachment.

Copies of any materials created by the students that were not submitted during the mid-semester report should be attached to this end-of-semester report.

The faculty internship supervisor will request the internship site supervisor to complete an evaluation of the intern’s work. Interns should remind their supervisors to complete the form in a timely manner. No grade for the internship may be entered until the evaluation has been submitted by the supervisor.

Thank You letter
All interns must write a thank you letter to their internship site supervisor. Its purpose is to convey your appreciation of the supervisor's role in your ISC-keyed career preparation.

Express your appreciation for the opportunity. Speak specifically about skills and professional traits you gained and point to how these will help you in your career. If appropriate, include a comment or two on how your supervisor went above-and-beyond in furthering your professional readiness. In your close, if it's appropriate, indicate how you'll maintain future contact with your ISC 399 supervisor.

Use a standard business format for your letter. If you need a visual refresher on format, see

By now, you and you and your supervisor know one another fairly well. So, even though the letter's format is fairly formal, you likely want to use a conversational tone.

Submit a copy of the thank you letter to your ISC 399 faculty supervisor.