Please fill out this form in its entirety and submit.

Submission of this form DOES NOT guarantee your override will be approved.

Please allow a maximum of three (3) business days for the application to be reviewed. Each application will receive an email notification of the override decision. If you have not received a decision within three (3) days after this form has been submitted, please directly email the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Barnes: bbarnes@uky.edu

Your override may not be approved if the course if full. This is true particularly for ISC electives (ISC 371, ISC 381, ISC 471, ISC 497). Your override can't change course capacity. Instead, we encourage students to check regularly at myuk.uky.edu to see if spaces become available as students add and drop, or our course schedules are adjusted. Students may also try to adjust their schedule to register for an open section. Note that our courses do not have waitlists.

Your override will not be approved if you don't meet pre-requisites. Students who do not meet pre-requisites are advised to think carefully before requesting an exception. Typically, those overrides are not granted. We do this to protect students because we want you to succeed in our courses. In cases where a student meets the pre-requisites but we do not have the appropriate information reflected in myuk, we will do our best to find a seat for you.

Your approved overrides do not carry forward from semester to semester. That is, if a student is unable to enroll in a course that was approved for an override in one semester, that student must complete another override for that same course the following semester if he/she still wishes to enroll in the course.