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Deborah Chung

Education Background: 
Ph.D. Indiana University
M.S. University of Illinois
B.J. University of Missouri
Specialty Areas: 
Online News
Citizen Journalism
Deborah Chung

Deborah S. Chung is a Professor in the School of Journalism and Media at the University of Kentucky. She teaches courses related to visual communication and media and society. Her research focuses on the changing dynamics between communication professionals and their audiences through emergent information communication technologies (ICTs) with special emphasis on ways through which ICTs empower information consumers.

Recent Publications

  • Chung, D.S., Tsay, M., & Kim, Y.S. (accepted). Who's Following Twitter? Coverage of the microblogging phenomenon by U.S. cable news networks. International Journal of Communication. 
  • Nah, S., Yamamoto, M., Chung, D.S., & Zuercher, R.J. (2015). Modeling the use of citizen journalism by online newspapers. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
  • Carpenter, S., Nah, S., & Chung, D.S. (2015). A study of U.S. online community journalists, organizational characteristics and story generation routines. Journalism: Theory, Practice, & Criticism, 16(4), 505-520. 
  • Chung, D.S., & Nah, S. (2014). Negotiating journalistic professionalism: A case study of OhmyNews in a participatory media climate. Journalism Practice8(4), 390-406.
  • Chung, D.S., & Nah, S. (2013). Media credibility and journalistic role conceptions: Views on citizen and professional journalists among citizen contributors. Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 28, 271-288.
  • Nah, S., & Chung, D.S. (2012). When citizens meet both professional and citizen journalists: Social trust, media credibility, and perceived journalistic roles among online community news readers. Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism, 13(6): 714-730.
  • Nah, S., & Chung, D.S. (2011). News editors' demographics predict their social capital. Newspaper Research Journal, 32(1): 34-45. 
  • Chung, D.S., & Nah, S. (2009). Distribution of news information through social bookmarking: An examination of shared stories in the Delicious Website. Information Research, 14(3) (lead article).
  • Chung, D.S., & Nah, S. (2009). The effects of interactive news presentation on perceived user satisfaction on online community newspapers. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 14(4), 855-874, available at
  • Nah. S., & Chung, D.S. (2009). Rating citizen journalists versus pros: Editors' views. Newspaper Research Journal, 30(2), 71-83.
  • Chung, D.S. (2009). How readers perceive journalists' functions at online community newspapers. Newspaper Research Journal,30(1), 72-80.
  • Chung, D.S., & Yoo, C.Y. (2008). Audience motivations for using interactive features: Distinguishing use of different types of interactivity on an online newspaper. Mass Communication and Society11(4), 375-397 (lead article). 
  • Chung, D.S. (2008). Interactive features of online newspapers: Identifying patterns and predicting use of engaged readers. Journal of Computer-Media Communication13(3), 658-679, available at
  • Chung, D.S. & Kim, S. (2008). Blogging activity among cancer patients and their companions: Uses, gratifications and predictors of outcomes. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 59(2), 297-306.
  • Chung, D.S., Kim, E., Trammell, K., & Porter, L. (2007). Uses and perceptions of blogs: A report on professional journalists and journalism educators. Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, 62(3), 305-22.
  • Porter, L., Trammel K., Chung, D.S., & Kim, E. (2007). Blog power: Examining the effects of practitioner blog use on power in public relations," Public Relations Review, 33, 92-5.
  • Chung, D.S. (2007). Profits and perils: Online news producers' perceptions of interactivity and uses of interactive features. Convergence: The International Journal of Research in New Media Technologies13(1), 43-61.

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