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Jim Hertog

Education Background: 
Ph.D. University of Minnesota
M.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.A. University of Minnesota
Specialty Areas: 
Political Communciation
Research Methods
Media Framing
Jim Hertog

Jim Hertog is an Associate Professor in the School of Journalism and Media. Born and raised in Minnesota, he wonders why Kentuckians think their winters are unbearably cold. He received his B.A. in Journalism from the University of Minnesota, his M.A. in Mass Communication Research from the University of Wisconsin and has Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the University of Minnesota. His primary area of research focuses on the communications strategies and experience of candidates seeking public office. He began surveying candidates nationwide in 2006 and has carried out surveys in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014, generating a large and unique database on the campaign experiences of candidates for public office in the United States.
Dr. Hertog teaches courses in media research methods, media psychology, political communications, propaganda analysis, media effects and other topics. He has taught research methods and media theory and research at the graduate level in the College of Communication and Information graduate program.
Dr. Hertog has published refereed articles in a number of leading communications journals, including Communication Research, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Health Communication, Journalism Monographs, Communication Yearbook, and others. He serves on the editorial board for Mass Communication & Society, Communication Research, and the Journal of Broadcast and Electronic Media. He has contributed chapters to edited books and encyclopedias focusing mainly on political communications.

Recent Publications

  • Hertog, J. K., & Zuercher, R. (2014). Political communication in social transformation and revolution. In C. Reinemann (Ed.), Political communication (pp. 167-186): DeGruyter.
  • Hertog, J. K. (2008). Social movements and communication. In W. Donsbach (Ed.), The international encyclopedia of communication (pp. 4696-4701). Malden, MA: Blackwell.  Updated 2015.
  • Berger, B. K., Hertog, J. K., & Park, D.-J. (2002). Political role and influence of business organizations: A communication perspective. Communication Yearbook, 26, 160-200.
  • Pavelek, M., & Hertog, J. (2014). New media and political campaigns: A candidate's perspective of the ways facebook, twitter, websites, and blogs impact elections. Paper presented at the Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference, Chicago.
  • Hertog, J. K., Bill, T., & Zuercher, R. (2013). Gender and campaign experience on the campaign trail. Paper presented at the Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference, Chicago.

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