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For Employers

For Employers
Prospective Internship Sites
Are you interested in hosting interns from the School of Journalism and Media at your organization?  We offer majors in:
- Journalism:  students with skills in reporting, writing, editing, news design, web design and photojournalism across a range of platforms.
- Media Arts and Studies:  students with skills in video production, audio production, multimedia design and production, mobile apps, video gaming and other expertise related to electronic media.
Please note:  Due to limited availability, students MAY NOT use the school's equipment (cameras, audio recorders, editing facilities) for work related to internships.  The internship site must provide any hardware and software needed.
If your organization would benefit from students with these skills, and you have not previously hosted an intern earning JAT 399 credit, please click here to access the employer screening questionnaire.
Current Internship Supervisors
An important aspect of the JAT 399 internship is your evaluation of your intern's performance. Please click here to access the internship evaluation questionnaire. Thank you for providing this important opportunity to our students.