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Upcoming Course Offerings

Upcoming Course Offerings

2020-2021 Winter Intersession Courses

The School of Journalism and Media will be offering six classes during the 2020-2021 winter intersession. All are online. Classes begin December 9 and end January 20. Complete details on the calendar are at Please see you adviser or faculty mentor about how the following classes will help you meet requirements for graduation. If you are not a JOU major and have questions about enrolling, please email Scoobie Ryan

JOU 204-201 Writing for the Mass Media

MTWR 10 a.m.- noon (Online) Instructor: Kakie Urch

An introduction to the concepts and techniques of media writing. This course offers hands-on instruction in information gathering, organization, and writing for print, broadcast and on-line media. Lecture, one hour; laboratory, four hours per week.

Notes: Pre-req for JOU 204: JOU 101; ISC 161. Completion of the University's Composition & Communication Core. Override forms available at

JOU 330-201 Web Publishing & Design

MTW 10 a.m.- noon (Online) Instructor: Yung Soo Kim

This course is designed to teach students to code and display text and visual information effectively on the Internet and to understand the application of professional practices in Web site analytics and management. Visual communication theory and practice for photographs, illustrations, graphical and text elements will be taught and highlighted, in addition to the basics of HTML and CSS. Students will use industry-standard software and workflows as they are introduced to basic techniques and strategies for publishing, designing and managing a Web site for a newspaper, magazine, television station, advertising agency, public relations firm or media start-up. Social media and geolocation for news and other media purposes will be highlighted. Lecture: two hours, laboratory: two hours per week.

Notes: Open to JOU, MAS, ISC, ICT majors in primary window. Override forms available at

JOU 455-201 Mass Media & Diversity: Race, Class, and Gender

(Online) Instructor: Deborah Chung

This course will examine gender and minority issues in the media. The course offers a critical framework for analysis of socio-cultural issues pertaining to women, ethnic groups, disabled persons, and others, and of their presentation in the media. May be repeated to a total of nine hours under different subtitles.

Notes: Open to JOU, ISC, MAS majors and minors in primary window. Open to AAS majors. Counts as MAS socio-cultural class. Override forms available at

JOU 535-201 History of Journalism

(Online) Instructor: Jen Smith

A study of the development of American journalism, with emphasis on the evolution of newspapers and electronic news media. Examination of principles and social theory underlying the practice of journalism.

Notes: Open to JOU, ISC majors in primary window. Override forms available at


(TBD) Instructor: Scoobie Ryan

Qualified students enter the professional sector to refine skills and knowledge. Supervised internships approved by the School allow placements in industry, government, radio, television, print media, research agencies, etc. A signed contract must be completed prior to the start of the internship. Pass/Fail only.

Notes: Pre-req for JOU print/multimedia path: JOU 301, JOU 303 & JOU 330; prereq for JOU broadcast/multimedia path: JOU 302, JOU 304 & JOU 330; prereq for MAS: MAS 300 & MAS 310. Information and application forms are at

MAS 201-201 Communication Technologies and Society

MTWR 12:30-2 p.m. (Online) Instructor: John Clark

Historical survey of broadcasting, common carrier, and related electronic media technologies, including the Internet. This course focuses on the social, political, and policy dimensions of the adoption and use of communication technologies. Special attention is paid to significant issues in contemporary public policy and practice, such as protection of privacy and personal information, information ownership, free speech, and censorship.