Rajah Maples

Rajah MaplesThe R-CAR fellowship for the Investigative Reporters and Editors boot camp helped shape me into a more well-rounded investigative reporter. Working in a rural area can be a challenge because some public officials have the power to sweep important details “under the rug.” Mark Horvit and the Investigative Reporters & Editors team have increased my confidence in digging for data and for more information to answer important questions. I am so grateful to the creator of the R-CAR award and am using what I learned at the boot camp in my job as a broadcast journalist at an ABC/CBS affiliate in Quincy, Illinois. Thank you for the opportunity and the gift. I am using it for my community.  Here are some examples of my work after working with Mark and IRE:

Is Facebook declaration keeping gay student out of Baptist college?

Burning questions surround Beardstown fatal fire

Horse neglect in southeast Iowa – I covered this story from beginning to end. The first story ended with Jeffrey Graber’s arrest. All of the links from beginning to end can be found at the bottom of this link.