Kevin Wombacher (M.A., Saint Louis University) is a doctoral candidate in the College of Communciation and Information. Kevin's research focuses on health communication, specifically adolescent substance abuse prevention. He has been working with Dr. Catherine Martin from UK's Department of Psychiatry to conduct interviews with child psychiatrists and develop a national survey to explore their attitudes and concerns about discussing substance abuse prevention with their patients. Kevin's ultimate goal is to develop a theory-based intervention that encourages and prepares psychiatrists to competently discuss substance abuse prevention with their adolescent patients. He also studies how emerging technology is used to discuss health behavior.

Chelsea Woods (M.A., The University of North Carolina at Charlotte) is a doctoral student in the College of Communication and Information. Her research interest in crisis communication lies at the intersection of public relations and organizational communication. Specifically, her research focuses on communication strategies for crisis management, post-crisis discourse, reputation management, and anti-corporate activism. Chelsea’s dissertation explores how activist organizations gather resources, obtain support for their issue(s), and publicly challenge the policies and reputations of corporations.