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Community-based, Applied and Participatory Research Group (CAPR)

CAPR is a group of interdisciplinary researchers focused on marginalized populations, refugees, children and youth, information inequities, health disparities, education and libraries.

Instructional Communication and Research (ICR)

Instructional Communication is one of the fastest growing areas of interest in the communication discipline and for good reasons. ICR faculty and courses play an extremely important role in serving undergraduate students by delivering cutting-edge education in integrated communication skills, which are among the top skills sought by employers of college undergraduate students in all fields of study.

Youth: Information, Spaces & Experiences (YISE)

YISE faculty aim to be child and youth-centered in their research, teaching and service work by focusing on the everyday lived experiences of children and youth in communication and information contexts, with particular emphasis on promoting their well-being and creating space for their voices.

320 Lucille Little Library
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