CIO Valicenti on Implementing ICTs in Business Strategy


Mayor Jim Gray named Aldona Valicenti as Lexington's Chief Information Officer on September 27, 2013. She defined the role as the first appointed CIO for the Commonwealth of Kentucky and served during Governor Paul Patton's administration. During her tenure, she was also president of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO). 

Valicenti has undertaken a review of all systems, processes, and operations. A number of new systems are being implemented and investments have been made in network operations and cyber security. Several cloud based systems have already been deployed. She is also leading the Gig for Lex project, a high speed broadband initiative, with staff from the Mayor's Office. 

Every party of government is driven by information technology. 

Valicenti's talk focused mainly on developing technology solutions that customers and citizens need and want. She said that customer and citizen expectations regarding their government are driven by whatever the private sector is already providing.


Valicenti has been avidly working on developing credit card enabled processes that allow citizens to pay their bills and purchase tags. 

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