Founder of Kids Write Guest Lectures in ICT 150

Ms. Sora Edwards-Thro is a student researcher at the College of William & Mary who addresses how technology can enable literacy in Haiti. She and her team were finalists in the All Children Reading (ACR) - Enabling Writers software competition and placed second of 201 teams in Big Ideas @ Berkley with their app for Haitian student-writers. She spends her summers and winters in Haiti and has traveled throughout the country. 

At the age of sixteen, Thro traveled to Kafou, Haiti with Teen Missions, a missions organization in summer 2011. The following summer she went to the Dominican Republic where she taught English. She also began learning the native language, Haitian-Creole simply by reading about grammar and constructs online. It was then that she uncovered her research mission - to improve literacy in the developing world using technology. In summer 2013, Thro took 10 free laptops (donated by One Laptop per Child) to Ansapit, Haiti and set up a solar computer lab. 

If we're going to be spending thousands of dollars installing computers in a school (about $3,000 per program, that's a year's salary for a Haitian teacher) then I need to be thinking what are the benefits of this? And the only way to think about these benefits is by talking with people in the communities. 

Thro and her team incorporated music, art, reading, and science into interactive games available using their programs. 

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