ICT Senior, Adam Sisson Guest Lectures about the Role of Communication Technologies in Local Government Edit article

Adam Sisson, senior in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) program shared his personal experiences as an intern for Louisville Metro Government with Deloris Foxworth's ICT 150: Experience ICT class. 

Foxworth's Experience ICT class teaches students how emerging technologies have led to the development of information communication technology as a discipline; its applications in the workplace and personal contexts; and its impact on individuals, organizations, and societies. 

Sisson's presentation, An Inside Look at Information Technology in Louisville Metro Government, was just the second in Foxworth's speaker lineup. The series is intended to delve in to a variety of industries that use ICTs, including health, government, eCommerce, agriculture, business, and the non-profit sector. Sisson's presentation focuses on the role of communication technologies in government. 

Sisson said, "I have always been interested in working with technology and it is great that this degree is now offered at our school. This past summer, I had a second internship with the Louisville Metro Government IT department learning about different fields that apply to ICT." 

Sisson's responsibilities as an intern were 1) to manage the web site using the Drupal content management system, 2) produce new content for news/events, and 3) check style consistency to make sure overall theme matched on more than 20 web sites. He explained that Drupal is an open-source site management platform, similar to WordPress, but that it offers advanced features and greater versatility.

When so many people have access to the web site, it is important to check things even like font size. It's tedious, but I enjoy it. 

In his work with the community, Sisson realized that the organization needed a way to streamline the process for something as simple as licensing a food truck. He researched various platforms and decided on Wufoo forms, which is a web site owned by Survey Monkey. Sisson embedded these contact forms, making it much easier for people in Louisville to apply for a food truck license, among others. 

Sisson returned to his internship with Louisville Metro Government in summer 2016. His most recent responsibilities have involved Microsoft Sharepoint and Nextdoor, a mobile application that connects residents in local areas with each other for sharing goods, recommendations, and crime information. He initiated communications with other government partners like the utilities and police sectors so they could work together and share information faster, with specific communities.

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Sisson said that his internship was important to him because he needed field experience and deeply wanted to build communication skills in a professional environment. 

"In the future, I would hopefully like to obtain a management role within an organization's IT department. My recent internship boss manages different IT teams and follows up with employees on their current project progress," said Sisson. "In a similar position, I would like to study the different technology areas and have a broader understanding about them to have the combination of knowledge and people skills to lead as a manager." 

ICT majors are required to complete an internship before graduation. Students are required to complete ICT 200, 201, 202, 205, 300, and 301 before enrolling in ICT 596: Internship in ICT  

Last Words of Advice: Employers will find you more marketable after gaining minor experience in a particular field. You can a behind the scenes look of an important operation! 

For more inforamtion about Louisville Metro Government, visit: https://louisvilleky.gov!